Dutch, Spanish, English
   Running time
                                                  90 minutes
Land of origine
The Netherlands
Director, camera and sound
Leo de Boer
Research and scenario
Leo de Boer, Hans Dortmans
Patrick Janssens
Sound design
Boon & Booy
Pieter van Huystee
Line producer
Rosan Boersma, Natascha Teunissen
Commissioning editor
Margje de Koning (IKON)
This film is supported by 
The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO Fund
TV premiere 
May 18th 2010, Dutch television
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Festival requests 
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Curien Kroon 
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Closing in on Tanja

Autumn 2007. A video turns up of a Young Dutch woman who has joined the Colombian guerrilla movement the Farc. Her diaries are also found and are published in 15 languages. Tanja Nijmeijer becomes big news worldwide. In her diaries Tanja expresses unvarnished criticism on the Farc and her life is in danger.

What inspires a girl from a peaceful district in the Netherlands to burn all bridges and to join one of the most violent guerrilla movements in the world? This question also worries filmmaker Leo de Boer. He tries to get in contact with the Dutch Liduine Zumpolle, a Farc-expert and also the woman who disclosed Tanja’s diaries. For decades she has been fighting a lonely battle against the Farc in Colombia. Her organisation Manos por la Paz (Hands for peace) defends the rights of ex-guerrilla warriors and makes it attractive for them to desert.

De Boer pays her a visit and decides to go and search for Tanja in Colombia. During various journeys which take over a year they get closer and closer to Tanja. And closer to the answers to the many questions raised by Tanja’s action. Is she still alive? What happened to her since her diaries were discovered? Where is she now?

De Boer gets in touch with her mother and together they decide to go to Colombia to look for Tanja. Thanks to the many ex-guerrilleros who have turned to Liduine they gradually get information on Tanja. They are travelling to the region where Tanja is located and are trying to get in touch with her. They are flying with the military patrols of the army that are chasing her by helicopter.

At the same time we hear how Tanja was lured in by the guerrilla when she was a student. And how high the price is that she has to pay for it now. Day after day her life is in danger. And her loved ones; how are they coping with this? De Boer has probing conversations with Tanja’s mother and sister about her. The result is that together they make an ultimate attempt to reach Tanja and stretch out a helping hand. But does Tanja want to accept this? Can she still accept this?