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Pieter van Huystee
Pieter van Huystee

Producer & Founder

Pieter van Huystee (born in 1956) started as a photographer for illustrated magazines. After working at a public broadcasting company he became creative director of IDTV. In this period he mainly did entertainment programmes, but also got in touch with Johan van der Keuken and produced one of his documentaries, ‘Brass Unbound’ 

In 1995 Pieter van Huystee started his own production company. Since then he has produced documentaries, feature films and single plays with well-known Dutch directors like Johan van der Keuken, Heddy Honigmann, Ramon Gieling, Boris Gerrets, Ditteke Mensink, Klaartje Quirijns, Hans Fels, David de Jongh, Renzo Martens, Sabine Lubbe Bakker and Niels van Koevorden. Besides, several young filmmakers got the opportunity  to realise their plans in cooperation with Pieter van Huystee Film.  

By combining daring with decisiveness, Pieter van Huystee Film has nowadays become one of the leading Dutch independent production companies, highly esteemed for the quality and wide range of its projects. In 1999 the distribution department Public Film was added, which sets out to release ‘Dutch Docs’ in local cinemas. Moreover, many van Huystee documentaries and features are screened at festivals all over the world and have been awarded many times.
Lotte Gerding

Line Producer

Since july 2013 Lotte Gerding works as inhouse line producer at Pieter van Huystee Film & TV and is responsible for coordinating current projects.

She completed her studies Media and Information Management at the HvA in Amsterdam in 2004, after which she started working in the dutch film & television industry as freelance (assistant) production manager. She worked for different clients on various films, television series and documentaries, including Vuurzee, Overspel, Sweety and Komt een vrouw bij de Dokter. From 2006 till 2010 she was on the board of the ‘VERS Awards’, a filmfestival which supports young and upcoming filmmakers.
Zoƫ de Wilde
Curien Kroon
Curien Kroon


Curien Kroon started as office manager at Pieter van Huystee Film in 2007. During the years she developped herself within the company and is now also responsible for the publicity and sales coordination.
Hans Dortmans
Hans Dortmans


Hans Dortmans studied cultural psychology at the University of Nijmegen. He followed a one-year master class at the Dutch Film and Television Academy before he started working as a researcher and editor of different television programs at IDTV Film Productions. There he met Pieter van Huystee. He joined Pieter when he founded his own film production company.

Hans has been working for Pieter van Huystee Film for almost 15 years. He was researcher and co-writer for over 30 documentaries. In 2010, he directed his first film, Divine Pig. His documentary was selected for several international film festivals and won the Golden Merit award at the 2010 Taiwan international Documentary Filmfestival.

Hans is a regular lecturer on documentary research at the IDFA workshop and the Polytechnic of Amsterdam. Currently he is the head of development at Pieter van Huystee Film.
Diana de Jonge